Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus perfect for shooting Slow-mo video

Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus perfect for shooting Slow-mo video:- Galaxy S8 is in the news before its release due to an extraordinary feature of recording video at 1000 Fps. However this is a speculation but if it is true then users will experience in recording slow-mo videos.

Galaxy S8: slow-mo Smartphone?

It will not be a surprise if a phone with feature of shooting video at 1000 fps will named as Slow-mo phone. There are number of phones including Iphone7 and Galaxy S7 that has the capacity of recording at 240 Fps. In addition Xperia XZ premium had come up with 960 fps. But if the speculations will turn into real then Galaxy s8 will become king of higher frame rate.

People often think that Slow-mo videos are not so much interesting. But let me tell you, slow-mo movies always shows every single second detail that you may have missed. A 1000 fps video will give you feel of watching cinematic video. But there is a big question about the quality of video as the increase in frame rate obviously decreases the quality of video.

Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus perfect for shooting Slow-mo video

S8 will require recording good quality video at 1000 fps, for this the resolution of video should be according to it. a 240 fps video lowers the resolution to 720 Pixel and 1000 fps will degrade the resolution more than that. There is no rumor about the video resolution so we can’t say anything if this would be true or not. Galaxy S8 will not take a risk in providing the feature that will lower the quality of its video recording.

Why Frame Rate is important for Slow-mo videos?

Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus camera perfect for shooting

Slow- mo videos become smoother with high frame rate per second. That’s why frame rate are always considered for slow-mo videos. But a problem arises due to high frame rate that is shortage of storage. The 1000 frames per second will obviously takes more space than 30 Frames per second and can create issues of storage. It is most preferable to record 4K videos under 30 frames per second.

Galaxy S8 is going to reveal soon so the truth will come out if the phone is coming up with 1000fpsor not. And if so then what the company has done to improve the quality of video as well as dealing with storage issue.

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

Samsung will have a comeback in the market with Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. The tragic loss by the explosions of Note 7 affected the goodwill of company a lot. However the fans of Samsung hoped that the company will hit the market again with the safer and stunning Phone. The Galaxy S8 is much awaited phone of this year and Samsung wants to surprise everyone with the latest features they have in this phone.

The rounds of speculations have started even before the announcement of S8. Phone is most likely to announce on 28 March. the images of phone were leaked and from then the rumors about its specifications started. The phone is said to have 5.8 inches screen. The processor of the phone will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The phone will be available in seven colors including Gold, silver, Pink and blue.

The dual camera of s8 is rumored to be 12 Mp rear and 8 Mp front. If this is true then it will have powerful camera with great quality than previous phones.

With these features Galaxy S8 will beat apple’s Iphone for sure. What is your opinion about this? Please share it with us in comment box below

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