Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition feature

Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition feature:- Samsung galaxy S8 is going to launch soon in March and its new features have become a matter of discussion among everyone.

It’s a fact that when a new thing arrives in the market then floods of rumors started. Same is happening in the case of Galaxy S8.

According to the speculations of experts, S8 will have advanced security features. These security options will include Fingerprint scanner, Iris scanner and the most awaited Facial recognition.

Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition feature

Samsung has always made its best to make its product secure and improved from previous one. And the failure of Galaxy Note 7 has forced the company to come back with a product that will again increase its lost goodwill. So the makers don’t want to leave any stone to make S8 and S8 plus more reliable and secure.

If the speculation of facial recognition in mobile is true then it will be a great deal for the users. Also the rumors are that this feature can be used for making Payments. The security with this feature will definitely increase.

galaxy S8 Facial Recognition supporting mobile Payments

Payments through mobile will become easier and safer as Samsung can add the feature in Galaxy S8 after its release. The rumors about this feature are increasing day by day.

The latest rumor is that Samsung has started talking with various banks to include this feature in their banking process. If that happened then the banking will become safest than before.  Also it will be easy for consumers to use this feature if banks adopt this proposal. With this, Galaxy S8 will become the first Smartphone with this feature and also there will be hike in company’s goodwill.

Samsung and apple are known as rivalry companies that try to prove themselves superior to each other. This Facial Recognition feature with Iris Scanner will complete the company’s dream if rumors are true.

According to the reports, if there is low light for using the Facial Recognition system then the Iris Scanner is there for the users.

However there will be many demerits of this feature if it is not prepared with proper planning. There is a possibility that with this feature people can get bluffed. One can use the photograph to unlock this system so proper attention and precautions will be needed.

Galaxy S8 expected features and Rumors

S8 is the latest installment in the S series of Samsung that is much awaited by its users. So there is a speculation that the screen of this mobile will be bigger than previous phones.

A 5.8 Inches screen is expected with Desktop mode that will allow users to attach their Smartphone with computer monitor. This will be a wonderful experience to use your phone as desktop.

The Galaxy S8 will be revealed with Galaxy S8 plus on 29 March according to the speculations and the launch date will be 28 April, 2017.

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