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Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new Smartphone that is getting a lot of buzz worldwide. After the success of Galaxy S7, company has come up with the eighth edition of this series in this year. Samsung galaxy s8 is most likely to be revealed on 29 march, 2017. the launch date in stores will probably be 21 April.  its latest features include micro SD support up to 2 TB that will be the maximum storage given in any phone till date. This 5.8″ phone will come with fingerprint scanner along with 12 MP camera. Galaxy s series phones are better known for high quality visuals and great durability.The sleek design of Galaxy S8 has made many fans but the case of this phone is also a matter of talk for many people. When you have a Smartphone then for sure the protection of that phone is necessary.

While purchasing a phone, the first accessory that comes in mind is case for the phone. The case helps in protecting the phone from breakage, scratches and also adds charm to the looks of a phone. Firstly a Phone case catches the eyes of viewer. So it becomes more important to have a good case for your phone. There are number of covers and cases available but not everyone is compatible to your device. Various Samsung phone case providers are there and people gets confuse from whom they must purchase.

Samsung is a big name and the cases of its phone are easily available. But the material and compatibility of those cases should be checked first.  When you are purchasing a slim phone then the case should match the specifications of that phone.  Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 both have similar specifications but the cases for both Smartphone are different due to difference in size. Number of merchandises has the covers for these phones but the designs are not up to date. People purchasing for those sites pay a large amount of money but ends up by reducing grace of their phone with those cheap looking cases.

For purchasing a good case for your Phone, you must know about the cases and their material. You can get these covers from low price to high price. But if you know about the material and types of Samsung cases then you will surely do a good deal.


Polyurethane Case

A Polyurethane case is low priced and easy to mold in the shape you want. It is available in soft and hard form. The material is effortless and good to hold as well as in gripping the phone. Also it easily slides into the pocket. It provides good protection to your phone from damage and is easily available.

galaxy s8 cases

Silicone Case

The silicone case is in great demand and is very popular for its gel like structure. The material is made up of silicon and petroleum products that make it flexible and stretchable. This quality of this material made it to retain the shape of the phone. The durability of these cases is very high but the expenses are very low. So in all means this material is perfect for any phone.

galaxy s8 silicon cover, galaxy s8 silicon cases

galaxy s8 silicon cases


The Flip Cover

Flip covers are always in demand for Smartphone as the protection of phone as well as its screen is done by a Flip case.  Easy gripping of Flip cover makes the chances negligible of dropping and slipping of Phone from hand or pocket.


Metallic case

Metal case protects the phone from damage with its unbreakable body. However these cases are made up of light metals but the weight is slightly heavier than other light weight cases. But this is true that the appearance of phone increases with the metal.

Leather case

Leather cases are rich in style and elegance that makes them everyone’s favourite. The material is long lasting but is expensive due to its waterproof quality. But when you think about the durability and its improvement with age then the expenses doesn’t matter. Leather covers will be the first choice of Galaxy S8 users because of the design that make the phone look attractive.


Transparent case

Transparent case is the lightest case one will get for Smartphone. The transparent case looks amazing on phone. Different colours are available and one can choose according to the need. These covers are easy to mold and do not break. Moreover protects the phone from scratches.

Designed Plastic Case

The Hard material of these cases protects the phone in hard situations. The design on these plastic cases is made to get the attention of people. The scenery and pictures plotted on these cases made the back of phone look beautiful. The expenses of these kinds of covers are very low.

Wooden case

Wooden cases are said to be Eco friendly as well as provide elegance to a Smartphone. The design engraved on the cases is customised. It will give an attractive look to your Smartphone.

Carbon Fibre Case

The strength and light weight of Carbon fibre Material is well known. The material is made by weaving strands of carbon. The case made from this fibre is stronger than steel and give great protection to the Phone. The scratch proof quality of this material made this case ideal for Galaxy S8. However it is expensive but the elegance and its strength made it must to have.


People usually purchase cases either to guard their Phone or to make them more attractive in appearance. Good selection of material according to the need of getting protection or improving appearance is must for everyone. All the material case provided above are good for both looks and safety of phone.


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